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Bullet Time Matrix Effect Tutorial
Added: 2005-03-18 | Views: 81460/205917 | Software: 3D Studio Max

"Have you ever stood and stared on Matrix? Marveled at its beauty...its genius?" (Agent Smith)

Trinity hangs in the time and the space. Neo dodges flying to him bullets. All this CG effects shook millions of spectators all over the world. Now nobody can be impressed by them. But suitable using them will give your animation some piquancy.

How to make effect of frozen time in 3DS MAX? Such effect in cinema is made that way. At the same moment the scene is shot by multiple cameras from different angles and positions on the path. Shot frames sequence are collected in video. As a result spectator gets impression of a moving camera at the frozen world. This method can be used in your 3D scene by placing more then 30-60 cameras on the path. The same frame must be rendered from each of placed cameras. Rendered frames sequence must be collected in animation (where first frame will be rendered image from the first camera on the path and last frame will be rendered image from last camera on the path). But it is inconvenient and hard correcting method. In order to optimize this work a number of scripts (3ds max) are written such as "MAxTRIX". Creating such scripts supposes that there is no possibility of optimizing this task by standard features of 3DS MAX. But as it turned out it is not true.

As an example let's take episode from the film "The Matrix" where Morpheus runs in the room and agent Smith shoots at his feet from the left. Camera shows Morpheus back from the distance. In some frame time freezes for all objects except for camera. Camera flies to Morpheus feet rotating at the same time on 90 degrees. After showing the bullet penetrating Morpheus leg time resumes it's run.

Creating the camera and a path of it's movement

1. Open file bullettime_tut_start.max in 3DS MAX.

2. Jump to 44 frame. Create "Target Camera" and aim it at the back of Biped skeleton. Camera's target must be placed beside the right leg of Biped skeleton.

Create panel > Cameras

3. Create curved line01 which will be the path of Camera01 movement. Drawing of the line begin from the middle of the Camera01 and end drawing beside the Biped skeleton right leg.

Create panel > Shapes > Splines > Object Type rollout > Line

4. Assign for the Camera01 position controller "Path Constraint". In rollout "Path Parameters" using button "Add Path" add Line01 created before.

Animating camera

5.In the window "Time Configuration" choose FRAME:TICKS radio button!!!

6.Open Track View - Dope Sheet. Move Camera01->Position->Percent key with 0% on 44:0 frame. Move Camera01->Position->Percent key with 100% on 44:30 frame.

Adding output events in Video Post

7. Open Video post and add new event named "Bullet time" by pressing "Add scene event" button. In drop down list choose Camera01.

Label: Bullet time
VP Start Time: 16:0
VP End Time: 46:0
Turn off the Lock to Video Post Range check box.
Turn off the Lock Range Bar to Scene Range check box.
Scene Start: 44:0
Scene End: 44:30

8.Add in the queue new event named "Real Time" before "Bullet time".

Label: Real time
VP Start Time: 0:0
VP End Time: 16:0
Turn off the Lock to Video Post Range check box.
Turn off the Lock Range Bar to Scene Range check box.
Scene Start: 28:0
Scene End: 44:00

9.Add in the queue new event named "Slow down" after "Bullet time".

Label: Slow down
VP Start Time: 46:0
VP End Time: 66:0
Turn off the Lock to Video Post Range check box.
Turn off the Lock Range Bar to Scene Range check box.
Scene Start: 44:30
Scene End: 46:00

10. At the end of the queue add "Image Output Event" which must be the last one.

Files: tut_bullettime.avi
VP Start Time: 0:0
VP End Time: 66:0


Press “Execute Sequence”. Then render animation. If you made everything correctly you would get animation clip like animation GIF at the beginning of this tutorial.
If you fail to do that you can check yourself by opening file bullettime_tut_finish.max with done tutorial.
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