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King of Chess Tutorial
Added: 2005-03-31 | Views: 24326/44979 | Software: 3D Studio Max
Go in the front view and select spline > line
Option corner, bezier and draw a spline similar to the one in the image. If you want you may download the spline already done. Below the spline in the image there’s the spline with the lathe modifier

Once you’ve finished with the spline go in to the modifier panel and select lathe and as parameters y and min.
check weld core and increase the number of segments to 20 (this is to have a smooth effect).
Then convert the shape into an editable poly.
Now we have to set up the pivot point. Go Hierachy > pivot > affect pivot only > center to object.
Once we have centered the object to work better with the construction of the shape it’s a good practice to center the object to the “world”.. i.e. your grid center point.
Click F12 on keyboard and set X, Y, and Z to 0.

Create a sphere with auto grid in the center of your piece. To be sure that your sphere is at the right point click again F12 and set X and Y to 0 (do not change Z value).

Now go in the front view. And select spline > line, draw a shape like in picture.

Once you’ve done, convert it into a editable poly select the front poligon extrude with an amount of 4,5

Select the red vertex in the image then x uniform scale.

Move down the two vertex at the bottom of your recent shape

Then, select the “mirror” tool, and y copy with offset value to 0

attach all the shapes and you’ve done

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