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Simple Render Tutorial
Added: 2005-01-07 | Views: 19808/34372 | Software: Bryce 3D
Abstract art, is essentially a collection of similar images, duplicated multiple times, each duplicate being sized and angled differently, so that when all combined, they produce a very interesting image. Thankfully, Bryce 5 has the wonderful 'Multi-Replicate' command (Edit -> Multi-Replicate), which we will be using to great effect later on in the tutorial.

1. The first step in this tutorial is to create a Torus in the centre of our document.

2. Once this is done, we are going to edit the texture of our torus.

3. Time for the main step of this tutorial. Locate the Multi-replicate tool (Edit -> Multi-replicate)

4. Then edit the settings to your choice to get different effects. I used the following settings:

5. Then, Render your object and save it. Play about for different effects.

6. My final result:

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