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Basic Cinema 4D Tutorial
Added: 2005-01-07 | Views: 35858/46452 | Software: Cinema 4D
1. First letís create a sphere. Go to: Objects > Primitive > Sphere. You should now have a sphere in your screen.

2. Now go to the Object properties of the sphere. Make sure the radius is set to 100 m and set Segments to 200 (for a better looking sphere)

3. Go to the Coordinate properties of the sphere. Set P.Y to 100 m and make sure the rest of the values resemble the image below.

4. Now go to: Objects > Scene > Floor and a floor will be added to your scene. Also go to: Objects > Scene > Sky.

5. Next go to File > Load Materials, select the basics.c4d file. (Mine is located at: C:\Program Files\Cinema 4D\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R9\materials\Basics.c4d)

6. Select the glas001 material and drag it onto the floor icon in the objects browser. (see image)

7. Download the material for the sphere here or make/select one of your own. Open the material in Cinema 4D the same way you added the basic materials and drag it onto the sphere icon in the objects browser. (See image)

8. Now we're ready to start rendering. Go to Render > Render Settings. In the "output tab" select the resolution you want the image and in the "save tab" select the path to save the image.

9. Go to Render > Render to Picture Viewer. Cinema 4D will now start rendering. Once complete rendered in your screen the file will also be automatically saved in the path you specified. The result should look something like this:

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